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Welcome to the homepage of the Kirkmichael Music Festival

As a village we have been sadly missing the buzz and the tremendous vibe which the Kirkmichael Guitar Festivals used to bring to the village. So – we’ve decided to start up another festival of which 2014 is the first pilot project! We’ve tried to put together a really varied programme of musical offerings from well known names such as James Grant, Trail West and Jenna and Bethany Reid, as well as more local artists so that everyone can find something they want to come and listen to. A tight time scale and funding restraints mean that we’re keeping the Festival small this year and basing it in our much loved McCosh Hall and in the Church. If you like it and support it this year, we’ll be back next year with a bigger and better Festival.

One or two things to note:

  • There is no disabled access (this year) to the upper floor of the McCosh Hall and hence to the ceilidh and Saturday and Sunday night concerts. We are so sorry about this – we had hoped that South Ayrshire Council would have installed the lift we have been promised in time for the Festival, but this hasn’t quite worked out. There is no problem with access to the lower floor or the church however

  • While there will be a bar available in the McCosh Hall for the evening concerts and ceilidh, please note that alcohol consumption will not be permitted in the Church at any time

And that’s it! Browse the site – you can get in touch by leaving a comment either here, or on the Kirkmichael Music Festival Facebook page. Tickets will be available very soon and we look forward to seeing you in June!

How to find us:


  1. need to now band names in battle of the bands to see if its worth getting tickts

  2. I’m afraid I can’t help with that – not organising that bit. However, you can get in touch with the organisers via the Kirkmichael Music Festival Battle of the Bands Facebook page. Also, tickets for this event are free. We just need to ticket it because of capacity restrictions.

    Hope that helps


  3. hi i was at the battle of the bands today although the standard was very high i have checked the criteria to enter and noticed the age 16-24 on web site 16-25 on poster can u please confirm that the two bands who made it to the final play off both met with the criteria for entering!! thanks in advance Paul

  4. Hi Paul – glad you enjoyed it! The age issue has been raised and is being looked at. It’s something we took on trust, but if we have to, we will be requesting photo ID from all participants. Thanks for your concern.


  5. paul mccafferty

    hi catriona thanks for your reply it seems that the age criteria was a big thing with some of the bands yesterday some of the band members were complaining to me about it i am preparing a piece for the local papers and i will inform the band members who were complaining to me to have their photto id ready for inspection as they will be hearing from you hopefully asap yours paul

  6. Hi Paul

    We have now run a check on the ages of the Polar Bears and Switch. All the Polar Bears are under the upper age limit. Two of the members of Switch are under the 16 age limit. Switch say that they got the information about the competition by word of mouth from a friend; hence, they may well have been unaware of the 16 lower age limit. The Battle of the Bands organizers, however, obviously assumed they were compliant. After consultation with the finalists, the full committee, the judges and the competition sponsors (including STV) we have decided that the results will stand this year as there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the best band had won. We will, however, be considerably more stringent regarding terms and conditions next year so that nothing similar can happen again.

    best wishes


  7. In the Battle of the bands facebook page in the about section the age is listed as 14-24.

  8. Looks like a nice festival. We’d like to play at it 2015. http://www.republicofsoul.net

  9. Nothing decided yet Richard. Thanks for getting in touch

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