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Welcome to the page for Kirkmichael’s new Community Shop and Café.  Here you will find the latest information on the shop/café.   We would also welcome your comments on how the shop is doing, what you think of it, the merchandise on offer, hours, staffing, even the colour of walls (chosen by consensus by the way!)  It’s the community’s shop – the community decides!  Read on……



We are delighted to welcome Isi Nimmo as our new part-time café manager and look forward to working with her to expand the café side of our business.  Hopefully we can look forward to some new and inspired ideas and delicious edible creations which will attract locals and visitors alike.  Welcome Isi!


The shop/café is looking forward to welcoming ten Estonian visitors who are coming on the 19th to discuss what rural community efforts can achieve, our plans for the future of the village and to sample some of our home cooking and baking.  Exciting times!


Great party!  And exciting times in the shop – new shelving and a new layout!  This gives us the chance to stock even more lines and make for an easier and more pleasureable shopping experience (to use the jargon).  We’ve heard the complaints about the new location of the newspapers and have taken them on board.  We’re coming up with a different plan which should satisfy everyone (we hope!)  Why not come in and check out what’s new?  Remember too, it will soon be Mother’s Day - we stock lots of nice goodies which would satisfy the most discerning of Mums.


Nearly at our first anniversary – how quickly time flies – and we’re doing fine.  Come along to the public meeting on March 18th and get all the details.  In the meantime, it’s Spring! (Hard to believe with snow flying past the window, but still…)  The shop has a lovely display of spring cleaning products for those of you who haven’t got around to it yet.  Come and check out the prices!  You could always combine that with a nice cup of tea of coffee and some lucious home baking…..


The shop now contains the Kirkmichael Book Exchange. We have limited space, so we have just two shelves of fiction, non fiction and children’s books, in reasonable condition. Please leave only one or two books at a time. If you want to, add a wee note saying why you enjoyed something. If you see a book that you’d like, please take it, and add a small donation to the box provided. (Or a large donation, if you wish!)


The shop is now on Facebook!  Check out our Facebook page and leave a comment – Kirkmichael Community Shop and Café.  Also, the shop now has its own email address: , so drop an email if you want to leave a message, check out the availability of something or suggestions for ordering.

The first people are now through their hygiene certification and we even have one person who has completed their personal licence certification and the provisional date for the Grand Opening of the café is July 3rd, so keep your eyes peeled for the posters.  The Ayrshire Advertiser wants to write an article about the shop/café, so if you would like your photy in the papers, be sure to be there!


The Community Shop opened on April 4th and has been doing a roaring trade ever since.  Thanks to the efforts and talents of numerous people, it’s a bright and clean space where you can buy anything from a newspaper, to a duster, to fresh veggies and Dalduff meats, to free range eggs, lemonade and tinned and packaged goodies.  Not to mention cakes, biscuits and sweeties.  Shortly, when the licencing training has been completed, you will also be able to buy beer, wine and sprits as well.  A million thanks are due to the volunteers who are staffing the shop and doing such a fantastic job.  There’s a great atmosphere in the place and it couldn’t happen without them.

The plan is to open the café towards the end of May/beginning of June.  It will serve teas and coffees, soft drinks, sandwiches, paninis and fresh home baking done on the premises.  We should also be able to offer you a beer or glass of wine if that’s your preference.  It will be an exciting new beginning for this venerable old village establishment and to judge from the numerous comments we are receiving, it can’t come soon enough!

In the meantime, please let us know if you have any comments, suggestions or complaints.  We’re all very new to this and are bound to get it wrong from time to time – but we need to know if we are!  It would also be nice to get a pat on the back if we’re getting it right.  It’s your shop – tell us how you want it to run!


  1. We fancy a couple of the music festival shows, is there anywhere to park a camper overnight?

  2. Hi there – we don’t have a specific camp site this year, though we have a designated car park. I guess you could park there – Catriona

  3. Hi,
    I am looking to get tickets for the battle of the bands on Sunday 15th June but I can’t see them on your tickets page, hope you can help.
    Thanks, Ian

  4. Hi Ian – the tickets for the battle of the bands are free, but we have to have tickets as the hall capacity is limited and we need to keep track. Now, the one drawback of Paypal is that it won’t let you sell something for £0! You can buy them from the village shop on the day or if you prefer you can email me on catrionahaston[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk and I will send them out to you. Sorry for the confusion! – Catriona

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