Overdue Thankyous

 Now that the shop/café is successfully up and running (and making a small surplus!), the committee feels that it is time to recognise some of the people/bodies without whose financial assistance this would have been impossible.  So….

Firstly, we need to thank all of those in the village who donated sums of money, however large or small, and those who contributed soft loans in order to get us started

Secondly, we are grateful to the Rural Panel of South Ayrshire Council which kindly approved a substantial grant to help us with our initial set-up costs          

Thirdly, we are profoundly grateful to Ayrshire LEADER, which has not only helped us with a set-up grant of £5,000 (matched by monies raised locally), but has also recently approved a further grant which will cover the cost of half the salaries of two part-time managers for the shop/café for two years.  This is a huge bonus for the venture and will really enable us to grow both sides of the business so that it becomes a solidly self-sustaining business in the future


Fourthly, the LEADER funding outlined above has been matched by a grant from the Plunkett Foundation and a loan from Cooperative and Community Finance, for which, again, we are extremely grateful

It should be noted that all of the above organisations have visited Kirkmichael to assess the project, the level of public support and check the books!  It goes without saying that they were more than happy with what they saw – astonished even at how well we are doing – and they would not be committing their money if this were not the case.

Finally, of course, a huge thank you must go to all of those who have contributed their time and talents in any way whatsoever; our volunteers; our customers; and to all those who have wished us well.  We could not have achieved what we have achieved without you.

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