Public Meeting and Pa-a-a-rty!

Can you believe it’s nearly a year since we opened the shop in Jocks?  No, we can’t either.  Anyway, it’s a reason to celebrate. 

So, we’re having another public meeting this Friday (March 18th) at 8pm.  Yes, we know it’s Red Nose Day, but hopefully you can record it if it really matters to you.  We can always pass around a bucket for donations.  We will be giving an update on the shop (including the finances) and the hall.  We will hopefully be having updates on the pub and the new school from Dorothy Birks and the new headmistress and there will be a rundown on some exciting social occasions in the near future.

After that, we plan on partying.  Bring a bottle (or three) of your favourite poison and some nibbles if you would like them and lets celebrate that anniversary!

KVR Committee

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