Pudding Night!

Goodness, it’s been a long time since the last post.  We, on the KVR committee hope that everyone had a great Christmas and that the New Year is bringing you everything you wanted. 

As you know, we had hoped to host a Christmas Party for all the shop volunteers on the 29th December.  Sadly, the weather and some dodgy pipework put an end to that idea, with the shop ankle-deep in water some of the time and completely waterless the rest of the time.  Fortunately, all that is behind us and we would like to invite all the volunteers to a Pudding Night on Friday,  Feb 4th at 7.30pm.  Eat dinner if you wish beforehand, but leave room to sample a wide range of delectable desserts and maybe a wee glass of something fortifying as well (it’s still cold out there you know!)

We’re hoping that this will be a taster (pun intended) evening for the Pudding Club, which is a (remarkably brilliant) idea of Lesley Wilson’s, of which more at a later date.   At any rate, if you can make it, slap on the hat and scarf and make your way down to the shop for some unrestrained piggery! 

We’ll be there!

The KVR Committee

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